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The 23rd Psalm Cafe was founded by former Rock & Roll, Jazz & Blues singer Ben Houston in 1998. For 30 years Ben has had a successful career as a solo artist with over 50 shows at the Apollo theater in Harlem New York. He has also done both national and international tours. Ben worked with singer/songwriter Paul Simon and appeared on a CD with Keith Richard of the Rolling Stones. In 1992 he was given an invitation to sing in the White House, which he was quick to accept. Soon after God told him to come home and that for many years he had been serving a false god. God told Ben that there was only one God and that He is Jesus Christ. This set the stage for the 23rd Psalm Cafe. Ben quit the music business and began to study deeper into the Bible. He realized that every word in it was written by Jewish hands. He also read two Bible verses that changed his life. Zechariah 14:2: "God says all the nations of the world would turn against Israel."Jeremiah 23:7&8: "God's people would return to their land."

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